The sign is up,

‘Closed’, it says.

Open soon as

Better days

End recession,

Deep depression.

That’s when

They’ll open up.


‘Gone to lunch’

For quite some time

Head in mire where

No things rhyme.

Nothing making

Any sense.

May never

Open up.


‘Be back soon’,

This Fagin’s song,

Stolen treasure

Does belong

Wherever you may

See a need

To help

One open up.


‘Coming soon’,

New stock here,

Open heart

So full of cheer

At all of chances

Life may give.

At last,

They open up.


22 thoughts on “Closed/Open”

    1. Ooh, a closing down sale. Grab your chances. A takeover bid before all stock’s gone.

      Feeling a bit guilty here. I actually wrote this with a couple of actual persons in mind. Strange how individuals may reflect their institutions. And how sometimes poets don’t know what they’ve written till they’ve written it! Bit of a double-edged sword. But it works for me. ;)x


  1. Being an american, I did start reading this with the government in mind. However, I realized that it had much more meaning than that, and probably written with something else in mind. I love how writing, and poetry especially, can connect to so many people in so many ways. It can speak out to many different life experiences.
    It is exhilarating to think that right now there may be a bunch of people out there, reading your poem, and each with a different image and life experience rushing through their mind. Each being connected to your writing in a different way.


    1. I thought I should own up above. 😉 I don’t know that much about the ins and outs of what’s the story behind the American government’s actions to write a poem on it. No more than what the fine people here are sharing. And more honest appraisals I will not find, I believe.
      It is incredible though what you suggest. So many interpretations from words penned with something else in mind. I like it. ;)x


  2. How many start and fail, how many open doors only to close them because of financial hardships 😦 It will get to the stage where the only shops are food outlets – everything else step right up and buy on line. xx


    1. And the foodies will all be owned by giant conglomerates. Certainly a sad thought. I really don’t want to spend any more of my life in supermarkets, thank you very much. Now, a good stationery shop, book shop, chemist’s even – so much to browse that doesn’t have ‘baked beans’ emblazoned on it. Can’t beat a good browse. 😉 x


      1. yes our Coles and Woolworths over here are eating up all the Independent supermarkets. Greedy little bastards they are. Browsing it good – baked beans are good – if the ‘need’ is required 😉 x


      2. We lost Woolies over here. They shut down. One of my Saturday jobs as a youth. Fond memories. £6 for the day. And that was good.
        Yes, they all need a little halting. It all just seems to be big shops now. My own local Main Street is testament to the fact that the only small ones that seem to thrive promote the ‘leisure and pleasure’ industry. Hairdressers abound. Tanning salons, ffs. Bookmakers. Double ffs. Take away food outlets. More garbage than you can fit in one bin. Can’t even buy a pair of shoes without going to the city or the supermarket!


      3. I hear ya sister – I hear you – they take over, the smaller ones have to up their prices to stay alive – no one shops there as they are too expensive… it’s a merry-go-round. Six quid a day????


      4. That was good at the time, I’m telling you. 15 I was. £6 felt like a fortune. My first part-time job was 50 pence an hour. And I usually ended up spending most of that in the cafe on sweets. 13 then. What else was I going to spend it on?! 😉 x


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