Discovery’s Story

Hidden in stars, empty of light,

Lie souls of confusion lost in the night,

Seeking the gravity known from before,

Pulled down to earth in tumultuous roar.


Defying all reason but natural law

Looking for treasures to gather and store,

Taken from heavens and brought down to earth,

Finding the answers known well at birth.


Eons of lifetimes on planetary plain

Releases all lessons once more and again

Begins to establish a stellarly heart,

Before dying to self, begin anew, start.


Hidden again but in star burning bright

Illumines all darkness, casts shadows of light.

Discovery’s story from inside a star

Reborn to light from galaxy afar.


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4 thoughts on “Discovery’s Story”

  1. wonderful!….
    I really enjoyed this as it is how I see life sometimes…
    Thank you…for sharing such a beautiful work of art
    take Care…


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